What is home when it’s all said and done?

It’s the pitter-patter of feet
Signalling that company is about to come.
It’s the warmth that you feel
Deep down in your soul.
This comforting feeling
Is how you know you’re home.

Maybe it’s when arms hold you tight:
When you can’t sleep,
When you’re scared of the night.
Maybe it’s words of comfort:
When your demons come knocking,
When your face is stained with tears
And there’s no room for talking.

Home can be a distant place
One you know or one you don’t.
A place seen in pictures and dreams,
A place filled with hopes.

It could be a person whom you hold dear,
A person who listens…
A person who hears…

Maybe home is where you feel most safe:
Where pain cannot touch you,
Where bad memories are erased.
Maybe it’s where you can’t be touched
By the horrors of this world,
By the things that get just a little too much.

Home is where you are surrounded by love,
Where you keep going back to
Because you can’t get enough.
It’s where you laugh, smile, and cry.
Where you have fits of anger,
Where you’re never, ever shy.

A place to bare your soul,
A place to call your own,
This place, this place is home.

-Aman Atwal, March 22, 2015
Ed. August 25, 2018

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