Lemon, Garlic Pickerel Pasta


Hello everyone, welcome to another blog post containing Aman’s Kitchen Antics, or AKA. If you haven’t yet, follow my instagram to get the first view of these recipes (@amanmonkey). In this post, my videos and text relate to cooking Pickerel Pasta with Arugula and Red Pepper. ALSO, this blog post is a part of my first GIVEAWAY on instagram!! How exciting!!

This particular night, Matt and I did not want the regular fish, rice, and steamed veggies dish. I was thinking of creative things to do with fish and realized we hadn’t eaten pasta in awhile and to be honest, red sauce pastas are not my favourite, so I thought making a pasta dish with fish would be a great adventure! What’s great about this recipe is that I had everything at home and did not need to go out to buy a single thing. Enjoy!

In this video please enjoy shots of my beautiful purrrfect kitten and my handsome boyfriend Matt. They are wonderful sous chefs.


I always start my boiling my water and pasta because the noodles will quickly reheat once I add them into the pan with the sauce.

In this video I explain that the sauce contains lemon and garlic, I love these two flavours together. PLUS, I think lemon is a great addition to white sauces because it makes them feel lighter.



I always try to eat fish at least two-three times a week. The nutrients are great for you and it’s a great substitute for white or red meat. I cooked the fish first so that I didn’t have to worry about it being cooked once it was re-added into the sauce. You usually know pickerel is done when it starts turning opaque and starts to flake.





In this next video I talk about adding white wine to my sauce. I love adding white wine because 1) it gets rid of white wine that is too old to drink and 2) it adds depth and flavour to the sauce. Plus, it makes it more saucy and I enjoy saucy pasta.

To be honest, I added red peppers for colour and because they were the only things in my fridge. With this recipe you could add sun-dried tomatoes, regular tomatoes, anything that adds a bit of sweetness to the pasta dish.



I do use a lemon juice concentrate, BUT it was the only thing in my house and that’s what this whole recipe was about. PLUS, I’m a student and lemon juice concentrate lasts a whole lot longer than real lemons. #budgeting

You can buy seafood seasonings at places like Winners and Home Sense for really cheap and they last a long time!




Instead of adding pieces of fish to the pasta sauce, you can always cook whole fish and plate on top! Whatever your preference is.


A great surprise was that we had parmesan cheese in the fridge! This cheese is great to add to a pasta sauce because it allows it to thicken ever so slightly so that the sauce doesn’t run off the pasta.


And finally, I love getting Matt’s opinion because it’s so satisfying cooking for someone and having them enjoy it.

Let me know if you try the recipe and what you think! Or if you have any tips/tricks. I love suggestions! 🙂

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